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Queens Carpet Cleaning
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Leather Cleaning & Restoration

Queens Carpet Cleaning provides the ultimate Leather Cleaning Service. We use a leather cleanser which is applied to remove all soiling from the surface of the leather. We also nourish and protect your well-invested leather sofa. Our skilled technicians will assure that your leather furniture will continue to beautify your home for years to come, and will restore the beauty of your leather upholstery and extend the lifetime value of your investment.

Undoubtedly leather furniture gives a face-lift to your entire home, and provides optimum comfort and convenience. Cleaning a leather sofa can be a cumbersome task as it takes your time and patience. As leather is a natural product, the cleaning methods differ from other products. Moreover leather contains oils that conserve its features for years to come. Wrong cleaning methods can remove these oils subjecting it to wear and tear. As you have probably figured out, over the life of your leather upholstery you are bound to experience some of the common problems associated with leather furniture.

Queens Carpet Cleaning certified technicians are trained to address these problems. They will come to your location with a fully equipped van to do the leather cleaning with very little disruption or convenience. Our deep down, professional leather furniture cleaning, will remove dirt before it damages your fine furniture. When we clean leather couches or chairs, stains will vanish too. Queens Carpet Cleaning uses cleaning products that work thoroughly but gently and are matched to the different types of leather finishes. They are also pH balanced and specially formulated for leather upholstery.

Call Queens Carpet Cleaning today to find out how we can restore and vitalize your leather furniture once again.

Leather Furniture
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